Digital Forensics

Know the impact of the digital forensic investigator

The digital forensics is used to uncover and interpreting the electronic data and the main goal of this process is to prevent the evidence in its original form while doing the investigation. The investigation is a process of collecting, recognizing, and validating the information for the construction of the past events. This is used in the court of law with the help of the digital forensics in which it can be used on other occasions. It is a process of identification, preservation, documentation, and interpretation of evidence that are used to present in the criminal and the civil court. The forensics helps to recover the deleted data and used to allocate the space on the drive. The forensics consist of a professionally trained person who may helpful in recovering the deleted data from the hard drive, memory card, floppy disk, or other devices using the latest technology. To know more about the forensic process, you can search through online.

Digital Forensics

Guide to digital forensics    

The digital forensics is a branch of the forensic science with which it is associated with the task of finding or recovering the deleted data in a digital device that includes data cards, computer, mobile phones, and other devices. The digital forensics can be divided into four areas that include:

  • Computer forensics: This area deals with the computers and it is used for the purchase of internet historic, logs, recovery of corrupted or deleted files from hard drive or other devices.
  • Network forensics: This area is used to deal with the analyzing and monitoring network traffic. This can be done on the local area network or it can be used to monitor traffic and gather information on the internet.
  • Forensic data analysis: The forensic data analysis is used in fraud cases and with the help of the process, you can find where the fraud has occurred and they will find out the fraud.
  • Mobile device forensics: It is also same as the computer forensics, but the mobile forensics will focus on the SMS, calls, and messages from and to the phone. Now, every mobile has a built-in GPS option and this can be used to track every movement.

The above are the four types of forensics, which are used to recover the data from your device. Collecting the digital evidence become easier with the help of the digital forensics and to know more about the forensic process, you can search through online.